Remote Patient Monitoring Toolkit


The Provider understand the Inclusion Criteria for RPM and CCM and how to make a referral. Referrals to RPM and CCM can be organizational policy administrated by other staff.


Determine the frequency that providers will receive patient data reports (we recommend every two weeks). Ideally, providers will receive biweekly summary reports, including subjective and objective Information gathered during the monitoring period to see the patient’s trends over a period of two weeks, to obtain reading averages and review the patient’s plan of care. (An interface between the RPM device vendor and EHR helps with communication between the RPM program and the providers.) Providing trending reports to the provider prior to the clinic visit will allow for more efficient visits and more engaged patients. Determine how much trending data the providers prefer. Determine where providers want the results/reports


  1. Useful actionable data.
  2. Enhanced patient engagement.
  3. Patients who haven’t gotten engaged are now actively engaged.
  4. See value of using RPM to enhance/obtain patient engagement.
  5. Clinic visits are more efficient and effective.
  6. See real-time information that they can rely on to make clinical decisions, make a medication adjustment and watch the trends immediately with impact and further refine based on the biometric data.